Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

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  • Age: 48.00 Months to 72.00 Months
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The T Rex costumes for Halloween are made of high strength waterproof polyester which is against rips and tears, the excellent stitching improves the durability of the inflatable costumes. Moreover, our costumes are providing with a powerful-duty blower to continuous airflow inflate the costumes.

n order to seal the gas and maintain the shape of the costume, the material of the costume is not breathable. If you wear the costume for a long time, accompanied by your own sweating, it may cause a sense of moisture inside the costume. If there is such a damp feeling, it is recommended to take off the costume midway and keep the costume and your body dry. Then you can continue wearing the costume after a few minutes.

The costume set is operated by 4 AA batteries with the blower, please put the battery pack in the designed pocket. Otherwise, it might be overheating and cause accidents. Turn on the power of battery pack, and blower it up, the dinosaur costume will be inflatable in a few seconds.